Setting up a company in Poland is just step one. In order for a business to grow, one needs to take care of a multitude of issues. Let us lift the burden of duties and provide assistance in all of those specific fields. For us, top-notch after-sale support is a priority.

We offer a full scope of accounting and bookkeeping services. Let someone else take care of your paperwork, tax returns, payroll, financial statements, VAT records, company tax calculations, and more. Make sure all your books are in order. We may also assist you and represent you in any dealings with tax authorities, such as compliance checks and reporting.

Banking is essential for a company to carry out operations. Our offer includes unlimited accounts in the most reliable Polish banks, in PLN as well as other currencies. We scope the banking offers to find the best solutions and options for our clients. We always take good care to take into the consideration individual company and industry needs.

It is no exaggeration to say that reporting duties in Poland abound. It is crucial for any company on the Polish market to have a good grasp of all the statutory corporate obligations. Taxation, statistics, social insurance, all this need to be taken care of, unless you want to be subject to heavy penalties and risk of de-registration. Let us take care of this, we know Polish system inside out.

Registering a company in Poland is complex and troublesome business, especially if you are not familiar with local regulation and business environment. We have been setting up companies in Poland for over 30 years and will be happy to guide you through the process.

Want to build a business presence in Poland but don’t have time for the lengthy registration process? We can offer you a whole array of ready-made companies, with no trading history, fully incorporated, VAT-registered, and ready to commence operations.

We offer legal and tax optimization, corporate law advice, drafting and proofreading agreements and more. We cooperate with first-rate Polish attorneys to give you best support in the highly specialized and complex world of Polish legislation. Our experience in business means we may contribute a good deal of great tips and solutions.

From crafting a vacancy ad to signing agreements with the best candidates, recruitment process takes a lot of effort and time. Tell us what you expect from an employee, and we will go great lengths to find you the right person for the job.

Taking part in a negotiation process in a foreign country has its own challenges. Cultural differences, language barrier, or even time zone – all those may work against you. We provide representation and consultancy service, so that you can be sure that any negotiations go according to plan.

Need more information on the Polish market and the opportunities opening in the country? We offer market analysis and feasibility studies to give you the information fast. Let us assess you investment plan and fine-tune it in accordance with the demands of Polish economic environment and a specific industry.

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