Virtual office in Poland

Virtual office is a perfect solution if you do not want to splash out on an actual office space. Save costs and enjoy the benefits of having a business presence in a Polish city.

What you get:

Business address
We offer addresses for your company in Poland, placed in big cities and on prime locations. Big effect, low overheads.

Registered address
Any address we offer may be used for registration purposes at Register of Entrepreneurs of National Court Register (KRS). This means you can use it for dealings with any state authorities.

Top locations
We offer a whole array of addresses in the biggest Polish cities: Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, and many other.

Correspondence handling
Any correspondence addressed to your company will be scanned and forwarded to an e-mail address of your choice. We can also arrange for the mail to be sent to you via courier or available for a pick-up.

Translation service
Any correspondence you receive in Polish, for example from your tax office or bank, will be accompanied by a free summary translation into English.

Why Us

Why a virtual office?

A virtual office means getting the benefits of opening a physical office space without the need to handle the costs associated with renting, equipping, and maintaining an actual business facility. It embodies efficiency, flexibility, and professionalism.

Acquiring a virtual address allows you to use a big city, prestigious location. This will be your company’s registered address that you can use with state authorities and business partners.

We will handle all your correspondence and forward it in accordance with your directions, together with English translation, if need be. We also offer a whole range of other services that will help you run your operations in Poland (see Support).

We are open to every company, regardless of its size and field of business.


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